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10 Tell Tale Signs Your Partner Is Cheating You Absolutely Must Know!

1. He never leaves his phone

He sleeps with his phone by his side, brings his phone into the bathroom, owns more than one phone, doesn't share his password with you, or has secret apps. Sometimes, he will hang up the phone whenever you are near him or have to walk away from you to take a call/reply to a message.

2. Clearing of browsing history

He regularly clears the call list or message history from his phone and/or his online search history from his phone or laptop.

3. Sudden & drastic change in his behavior

You notice a sudden change of behavior or change of attitude towards you and he becomes more particular about his look or starts to dress better when you go out, even if it's to a nearby supermarket. You also start noticing small intimate gifts in his possession not given by you or purchases of items in credit card statements that were not meant for you. In some cases, he might even treat you extremely nicely that you feel he has done something wrong.

4. Loose items found in his car

Such as a lost earring or jewelry, long hair on the seats, or unfamiliar perfume smells not by you.

5. Unexplained marks on his clothes/body

Such as lipstick stains on his shirt, small bruises (or lovebites) on his neck, or a new perfume he is wearing.

6. Travelling or working late more frequently

He starts to go on more work trips overseas more frequently and does not let you know his flight details when traveling or starts saying that he has to work late in his office more frequently because of this upcoming big project. He also dodges your call when he is working late or overseas giving excuses such as being in a meeting at 10 pm or having no wifi when overseas. Sometimes, he will also take leave from work more frequently and without your knowledge.

7. Disassociation

He finds reason to stop wearing his wedding ring, or any other possessions that you both share such as couple tees, and jewelry. In some cases, he might even give excuses not to have sex with you as frequently as before saying that he is tired from work.

8. He makes decisions without discussing them with you first

Planning an overseas trip, sending his car for servicing, or making plans that are out of his ordinary character is usually a sign of someone trying to buy time to do something else. If you find that your partner is often making excuses to be somewhere else, especially for hours on end, it is highly likely that he is making plans with someone he doesn't want you to know about.

9. Awkwardness within his social circle

His friends/colleagues appeared uncomfortable in your presence and prevents attending functions when your friends whom he knows are also attending.

10. He is easily aggitated

If your partner is usually forgiving and avoids confrontation but you suddenly realised a change in attitude when he often starts an argument over seemingly small or trivial matters, this could be a sign of infidelity too. This is when your partner redirects his dissatisfaction toward you to something unrelated and could sometimes leave you confused as to why he is acting out of character or easily getting mad at something small.

Disclaimer: The aforesaid signs are personal views from an experienced Private Investigator in Singapore and are only meant for your reading pleasure.

Advice From A Professional Private Investigator

Advice From A Professional Private Investigator

If you are experiencing one or more of these situations and are not sure what to do, here's what we suggest.

How to repair your relationship after someone cheats

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