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20 Signs Your Partner is Cheating On You!!

Updated: Jan 26

20 Signs your Partner is Unfaithful, by Singapore's Top Private Investigators

1. He never leaves his phone: sleeps with his phone by his side, brings his phone into the bathroom, owns more than one phone.

2. He clears the call list or message history from his phone and/or regularly clears his online search history from his phone or laptop.

3. Sudden change of behavior or change of attitude towards you and becomes particular about his look and starts to dress better.

4. Hang up the phone whenever you are near him or have to walk away from you to take a call/reply to a message.

5. You answer his phone in his absence and the caller hung up.

6. You answer his phone in his absence and the caller asked for a different person.

7. Small intimate gift in his possession not given by you.

8. Purchases of items in credit card statements that were not meant for you.

9. Loose items found in his car, not by you such as a lost earring, long hair on the seats, or unfamiliar perfume smells.

10. Unexplained marks on his neck/body.

11. Goes overseas more frequently than before, usually on the excuse of "business", and not letting you know his flight details when traveling.

12. He finds reason to stop wearing his wedding ring.

13. He makes decisions without discussing them with you.

14. He starts to criticize your appearance or your dressing and becomes increasingly impatient with you and your family.

15. His friends/colleagues appeared uncomfortable in your presence and prevents attending functions when your friends whom he knows are also attending.

16. He picks fights out of seemingly trivial matters.

17. He works late too frequently.

18. He takes leave from work more frequently and without your knowledge.

19. Lessens the frequency or stops having sex with you.

20. Treating you extremely nice that you feel he has done something wrong.

Disclaimer: The aforesaid signs are personal views from an experienced Private Investigator in Singapore and are only meant for your reading pleasure.

In Singapore, while involving an investigation agency, you may need to look for their reputation. Besides, their registration with relevant authorities such as the Singapore Police Force will also be needed. Considering all the factors, you can check out this list of Singapore's Best Private Investigators for your review!

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