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Common Types Of Private Investigation Services In Singapore

Discover how private investigation services can provide crucial assistance for various needs and why they are a reliable choice in those complex situations.

Common Types of Private Investigation Services

Common Types of Private Investigation Services

When faced with complicated issues, seeking the help of a professional private investigator can make all the difference. From conducting background checks to locating missing persons, their expertise can be invaluable in navigating complex situations.

This article will explore some of the most common private investigation services and explain why they are a reliable choice for handling those sensitive matters.

Common Private Investigation Services

Background Checks

When it comes to making crucial decisions, such as hiring a new employee or getting involved in a partnership, private investigators can provide valuable insights to help you make informed choices.

These background checks can help individuals and businesses verify personal or professional information about a subject. They may include criminal history, financial records, employment history, and educational background.


This involves discreetly observing and monitoring a subject to gather information and evidence for various purposes, such as legal cases or personal matters. Surveillance can be conducted through physical observation, technology like GPS trackers, or online monitoring.

Matrimonial Investigation

Matrimonial Investigation

When suspicions of a cheating partner arise, it can be challenging to confront them without solid evidence.

A private investigator can help by discreetly monitoring the suspected individual, gathering evidence of their activities, and providing proof that can be used for personal closure or legal proceedings, such as divorce cases.

Civil Investigations

Private investigators are often called upon to assist in civil investigations, such as child custody disputes or family law matters.

These cases require a delicate touch and a deep understanding of the legal system. Private investigators can help collect evidence to support a client’s position in court, such as proving a parent’s ability to provide a stable environment for their child or uncovering hidden assets in divorce settlements.

Missing Person

Whether it’s a runaway teenager, a long-lost family member, or a person of interest in a legal case, private investigators use their skills and resources to locate and reconnect individuals.

They are a reliable choice in missing person cases because they can dedicate the time and effort required for a thorough search. Private investigators can also navigate complex situations, such as crossing international borders or dealing with uncooperative individuals.

Missing Property

When valuable items are stolen or misplaced, individuals or businesses may require professional help to recover their assets.

Private investigators can conduct a thorough investigation, which includes interviewing witnesses, reviewing security footage, and analyzing other evidence to identify the perpetrator and recover the stolen property.

Hiring a private investigator often yields better results than alternative methods, such as relying solely on law enforcement or attempting to resolve the issue on your own. They can devote their full attention to the case, ensuring that every possible lead is explored.

Insurance Investigations

Private investigators can be hired by insurance companies or individuals to investigate suspicious claims or instances of fraud.

These investigations may involve verifying the legitimacy of a claim, uncovering staged accidents, or identifying false injury reports. In some cases, private investigators may also be hired by policyholders to help prove their claims are valid and ensure fair compensation.

Accident Investigations

In cases where the cause of a fire or an accident is unclear or suspicious, a private investigator can be hired to determine the origin and identify any possible negligence or foul play.

This process may involve examining the scene, analyzing evidence, and consulting with experts in fire or accident reconstruction.


Types Of Private Investigation Services In Singapore

Private investigators provide a vast array of services designed to address various personal and professional needs. They bring a unique skill set and experience to the table, making them a reliable choice when facing challenging situations.

If you ever require assistance with any of the private investigation services discussed in this article, consider contacting us. We are dedicated to helping you find the answers and resolution you need.

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