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Is It Legal To Hire A Private Investigator?

Updated: Jan 26

Private Investigator
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Thinking of hiring a privavte investigator? Many times before one hires a private investigator, one question that can be on your mind is whether it is even legal to do so. The short answer is yes! It is perfectly valid and legal when working with a certified professional. Though there are several things you should know before hiring a Private Investigator, and the various tasks they can and cannot do depending on the laws that govern the practice which they need to abide by at all times. Let’s learn more about the fundamentals together.

Private investigators execute a wide variety of work, including (but not limited to):

  1. Maid surveillance

  2. Employee movement surveillance – (in particular, key personnel)

  3. Spousal surveillance (to investigate possible adultery)

  4. Children surveillance

  5. Finding missing persons or property

  6. Family member gambling-related movements

  7. Trademark or copyright infringement corporate matters

  8. General investigation to obtain evidence to be used in civil or criminal matters.

Illegal Work Private Investigators Cannot Perform

Private investigators are legally required to undergo training and hold licenses issued by the Singapore Police. As a result, a private investigator will be able to advise the client as to the legality of the methods used in the investigation.

The legality of hidden spy cameras depends on its usage. As of 2019, there are no specific privacy laws in Singapore. A spycam is generally used by private investigators to film an investigation target or location, but to stay within the boundaries of law, such cameras are usually used only at public places or places owned by the client (e.g. the main door of a client’s house, or the living room, for instance, to track a spouse or maid’s activities).

However, if the use of the spycam involves housebreaking, insulting a woman’s modesty, or the recording and storing of obscene material, said usage may constitute criminal offences. In a divorce matter, the private investigator or the client runs the risk of being prosecuted or countersued if illegal methods of recording and spying are used. Additionally, other activities, such as hacking into the private digital accounts of individuals (e.g. Facebook accounts) may run afoul of Singapore’s laws, such as the Computer Misuse Act.

Work That Requires Special Approval

As stated by law, all assignments investigating political figures, foreign diplomats, consuls, or their families, as well as the conduct of surveillance on certain protected places, foreign consulates, government buildings, departure and entry checkpoints, or certain private schools, require the special approval of the Singapore Police.

Selecting The Right Private Investigator

As with choosing any professional services, there are a variety of individuals and companies to choose from. Choosing a private investigator is no different and the needs and fit will differ to each client. You should consider how long they have been in business, if they are licensed. Do your research as to the type of services they provide, the experience and training history they hold and most importantly for divorce cases if they would testify in court and of course ask for recommendations.

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