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Latest Tech Used by Singapore Private Investigators 2022

Updated: Jan 26

Technology has changed how Private Investigators operate. Most private investigation agencies in Singapore have advanced forward in using the latest available technology to gather evidence and keep private investigators safe. This technology can help private investigators make better decisions while conducting surveillance/field investigations.

Using the latest available technology enables a private investigator to conduct surveillance efficiently and without alerting the targets. One example, of the technology that private investigators use, is the GPS device. Today, GPS devices have changed not only in size and it's high accuracy even inside buildings. Some of those GPS devices work even across borders without changing sim cards.

About 25 years ago most Private investigators used an incredibly big video recorder to record the evidence and have a problem with the battery as it needs to change after some time. As Technology moves forward private investigators use memory cards compared with the VHS tape used by private investigators of the past. This makes the digital video recorder small enough to be concealed in a cap or sunglasses while conducting covert surveillance.

With the internet, available searching for information requires private investigators to be able to search through the computer without physically going to the location and this saves time and money.

As Technology evolved more and more devices can also be brought online such as

Spy cameras are concealed in everyday items such as clicks, pens, hats, clothing, clock, car key, button, and many more.

With Technology advanced rapidly, today private investigators can even record a live recording on a static position to observe the target location. These devices us small enough to be concealed.

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