Resilient Investigations: What Should A PI Do When Testifying In Court For Divorce Cases?

A private investigator testifying in court must speak clearly and loudly enough to be heard in the courtroom without begin asked to repeat his answers. The investigator must display confidence and mannerisms while speaking and make sure his physical appearance is appropriate and his hair should be neatly cut. Always tell the truth and remain in control of their emotions and demeanor. Stick to the facts and answer the questions straight forward. Be specific in your answers and give clear and truthful answers. Do not give information that has not been asked for.

The private investigator must pay careful attention to each part of any question they are asked. If they do not understand the question, make sure they ask the attorney to repeat the question. If he cannot remember the answer to a question, he can refer to his notes made during the investigation but make sure you ask the court's permission to refer to his notes.

Expert Witness

A private Investigator who testifies in a divorce hearing is not considered an "Expert Witness" This term is reserved for a person who is a specialist in a certain field. Private Investigators are there to testify what they have observed while conducting the investigation/surveillance/observation. A private investigator is considered only a witness.

After testifying for a few court appearances a private investigator will gain valuable experience and it will be very helpful when future clients require such witnesses.

Private Investigator
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