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Should a Private Investigator Be Hired When Dealing With Commercial Fraud

Updated: Jan 26

Commercial fraud is a sweeping dilemma among businesses. Unfortunately, fraud can be very challenging to prove until something suspicious has been reported, or when the management has sensed and noticed something is amiss in the operations. This is why many organizations are at risk and often find themselves at the losing end of fraudulent activity with very little recourse. In this article, we’ll learn more about the investigation work involved and how to rectify the situation.

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How does commercial fraud investigation work?

The process of a fraud investigation is dependent on the circumstances. However, it will typically involve an in-depth audit and accounting review to identify which assets were impacted and the extent of the financial loss.

Additionally, the private investigator may perform background checks on employees, vendors and buyers who may be involved in the situation. This can include credit history, personal history, court records and other relevant information to identify any red flags.

Using the above and other investigatory methods, the private investigator will gradually be able to build a clear understanding of what happened and who was involved. Typically, investigators remain wholly focused on the fraudulent transactions and whoever had direct involvement in them. Though in some cases, private investigators have also discovered much more far-reaching problems than were known at the start of the process.

Handling the situation with sensitivity

You may already be fully aware of the fraud and simply need additional evidence and clarity to help you take your next steps. Hiring a private investigator to look into the situation for you means that you can be confident that the problem will be uncovered promptly and with minimal disruptions. Understand that such cases can be very sensitive, and that discretion is a top priority. You want to build as much of the case as possible while keeping employees, especially those suspected of fraud, in the dark. Employees can then be interviewed as necessary once there is clear, tangible evidence.

This is part of the reason why hiring a private investigator can be so valuable. Your team may struggle to act as subtly as an experienced fraud investigator. Furthermore, private investigators can piece together evidence to build a stronger case by leveraging on their skills and insight built over years of investigations.

Preventative Measures

Once the investigation is complete, you would want implement an anti-fraud program at your company with help from a private investigator to prevent the same from happening in the future.

This can include a thorough review of current policies and procedures. It may also include an evaluation of your digital and physical security to identify where current blind spots are. With fraud prevention strategies, businesses around the globe are working to effectively detect and prevent such incidents.

If you would like to discuss a commercial fraud investigation or an asset search for financial recovery, reaching out to a professional and speaking in person sounds the best decision!

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