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Singapore Private Investigator, Vincent Tan

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

Established in 1990, Vincent has been in the private investigation industry since the 1990s. Over the years he has undertaken thousands of cases on Matrimonial and Commercial cases and is now leading one of the best private investigations agencies in Singapore, Asia Top Investigation.

Singapore Private Investigator, Vincent Tan

Vincent Tan is a certified International Private Investigator and was awarded Asia Top Investigator in May 2012. With a combination of 45 years of investigation experience and using Artificial Intelligence to provide clients with one-stop professional investigation services.

Who is Vincent Tan?

With more than 30 years of experience in the local and international private investigator industry, Vincent Tan of Asia Top Investigation LLP has won various recognition and accolades as one of the best private detectives in the world.

Catch Cheating Spouses and Then Try to Save Their Marriages

“People make mistakes, but the most important thing is to learn to forgive and learn from mistakes.” That is a belief and value that Vincent takes with him when serving his clients. He said that not all of his clients wanted to divorce their spouses when they engaged him to conduct surveillance of their spouses. Some of them just wanted to find out more about the third party and why the spouse is cheating.

From Vincent’s perspective, the group of clients’ main intention is to save their marriages rather than divorce. Hence, he saw a need to go a step further, to give advice to his clients on ways to protect their marriages.

When asked whether he managed to save any marriage over the years, he said yes. He did manage to do so for some of the cases. This is probably a unique factor we learned from Vincent and his private investigation team at Asia Top Investigation LLP.

He has a very high success rate in catching cheating spouses. Yet, he also encourages his clients to forgive their spouses. Therefore, he has many clients who feel comfortable working with him.

He has many good clients and referrals because of his strong track record and reputation. He also consistently served family lawyers, commercial (IP) lawyers, and corporate clients. Even during Covid-19, his business is doing ok. The only time his company was not doing well was during the SARS period.

“The motivating factor is the appreciation given by the customers. If you do the job well, go through the report, and whether 80% or 100% successful, your customer will appreciate them. So, love your work, do it well, and be excellent!”

~ Vincent Tan, Asia Top Investigation LLP.

Grooming the Future of Private Investigators

The accolade of Asia-Top Investigator was awarded to Vincent Tan by the American Biographical Institute in 2012.

Hard work and trust-building are two essential factors that help to boost one’s reputation in the industry. In his initial years as a private investigator, he worked very hard. At times, he might have to sacrifice family time for work.

When asked why he is working so hard even today, his answers were direct. He wanted to make sure that his colleagues had ample income to feed their families and enjoy better lifestyles.

A good mentor always thinks of their disciples’ welfare. Vincent was always concerned about the growth of his private teammates. He also believes that the only way to succeed is not to keep them forever. But to eventually encourage them to quit his company and set up their own private investigation firms.

Unlike a typical conservative mentor who only imparts 80% of his skills to his students while keeping 20% to himself, Vincent enjoys teaching all his skills to his students.

He focuses all his time and energy on grooming talents for his industry. Two of his best students are Razal and Hani, the founders of Resilience Investigation. He was very proud of their achievements and success.

During an interview with a local radio deejay, the pair also attributed their business success to their mentor, Vincent. Some of his mentees became successful investigators for private companies Vincent helped to recommend, such as taxi operators, airline companies, and insurance companies.

In his small ways, Vincent has been working behind the scenes, training and giving career opportunities to young individuals who have the passions to succeed in the private investigation industry.

“Entrepreneurship is like a mission where you want to set up a business not for yourself but for others (your staff and your clients). It is to create jobs for the economy and to employ as many passionate people as possible to provide a livelihood for everybody. This is the responsibility of a successful entrepreneur.”

~ Vincent Tan, Asia Top Investigation LLP.

His Advice to Would-Be Entrepreneurs and Struggling Entrepreneurs

Certifications from the International Biographical Centre (IBC) and Certified International Investigator from the International Council of Investigators.

We then asked him a difficult question. How will he advise individuals who want to set up their businesses or individuals who are currently struggling in their businesses?

His advice was not to jump into the business for would-be entrepreneurs. Do thorough research. Go on the road and conduct market surveys. Interact with potential customers and ask them questions about your possible products and services and how to make them better than what the current market offers.

He also advised the would-be entrepreneurs to have enough capital to cover at least six months of living and business expenses such as rent, utilities, salaries, etc. It is because the journey of entrepreneurship is not easy, and often, it can be very unpredictable. There may be times when you do not have an income. However, it is always paramount to be positive-minded and forward-looking.

There was a time when Vincent needed to re-apply for a private investigation agency license because they had changed the company name to LLP. Due to that, they could not carry out business for almost two months. From this episode, he realized that it is vital to check before making any changes to the company structure.

He also advised new entrepreneurs to study their competitors. Know what they have and what they don’t have. Then, find ways to refine your products and services so that your brand can stand out even though you are new.

As for entrepreneurs who are currently struggling, Vincent advised them to be tough. You need to be more demanding during tough times. Another important thing is to adapt to the new changes and look out for potential opportunities to grow your business to the next level.

Whether you are a new entrepreneur or have been in business for quite some time, you need to work hard. Working hard is not a secret formula. When you work hard, luck will come, and you will gain good customers.

“I believe in hard work and good luck. But if you need me to choose one out of the two, I will choose hard work. Hard work is a must!”

~ Vincent Tan, Asia Top Investigation LLP.

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Professional-Bio of Vincent Tan

Vincent Tan is a certified International Private Investigator by the Council of International Investigators in 2011. He was awarded Asia Top Investigator by the American Biographical Institute in May 2012. This accolade recognizes Vincent Tan’s expertise in handling sophisticated Matrimonial Investigations. Over the span of his 25 years in the private investigation field, he has solved thousands of cases, including several high-profile cases, giving his clients peace of mind.

If you’re looking for an experienced PI to help solve your case or if you need some advice on an ongoing case, you may contact Asia Top Investigation at or WhatsApp us at +65 8820 0007.

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