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Surveillance Techniques By Asia Top Investigation

Surveillance Techniques By Asia Top Investigation

Surveillance is the covert observation of people, places, and vehicles, which law enforcement agencies and private detectives use to investigate allegations of illegal behavior.

These techniques range from physical observation to the electronic monitoring of conversations. Surveillance also carries major risks, however. The detection of a private investigator's presence in an area will compromise his future activities there.

For undercover officers, any unmasking of their identity and purpose may result in injury or death. Singapore Private Investigators conduct surveillance on most of their cases to track and gather information on the target.

There are two main surveillance methods Singapore Private Investigators used to monitor their target;

  1. Physical Surveillance;

  2. Audio/ Video Surveillance

Private Investigator, Steven Tan from Asia Top Investigation has trained more than 60 Singapore Private Investigators locally and overseas on the “Art of Surveillance”. Steven Tan explains that surveillance techniques and using evidence-gathering equipment/devices are very important in a surveillance operation. Knowledge of surveillance operations is the key to success.

Steven explains that in order to conduct effective surveillance, you need to have the correct equipment and devices. The background of the target is equally important like his habits, routine schedule, familiarise with his neighborhood, list of properties he owns, the business he runs and the addresses, frequently visited places, mode of transport, target’s description, and or photographs, etc.

Steven says the success of a Private Investigator conducting surveillance is the quality of the surveillance techniques he/she possessed and the types of gathering evidence equipment/devices he/she used.

Physical Surveillance

Physical Surveillance

Physical surveillance can be further categorized into 3 different types; Fixed, Stationary Technical, and Three-Person Surveillance.

Fixed Surveillance

Fixed surveillance, or "stakeout," requires officers to surreptitiously observe people and places from a distance. Variations include one- and two-person surveillance methods.

The two-person approach is considered more desirable. It allows investigators to periodically switch positions, reducing a suspect's chances of spotting them. By contrast, an investigator assigned to one-person surveillance can't take his eyes off the scene and has nobody to relieve him.

Stationary Technical Surveillance

In stationary technical surveillance, the investigator installs hidden video/audio recording equipment in a parked car. The vehicle sits in an area that draws little attention, such as a parking lot.

This technique is sometimes called unmanned surveillance, according to the International Federation for Protection Officers. Investigators can record photo and video images at any time, reducing the need for humans to monitor a situation around the clock. Surveillance teams come and go as they wish, so the risk of discovery is smaller, too.

Three-Person Surveillance

Three-person surveillance methods are more complex to run but provide two bonuses. Investigators can change positions more often, which greatly reduces the possibility of detection.

This technique is also called the ABC Method, whose name refers to the Investigators' assigned roles. Person A stays behind the suspect, followed by the second officer, Person B. The third investigator, Person C, remains on the opposite side of the street, but always moves slightly ahead of - or behind - the subject.

Audio/Visual Surveillance

Audio/Visual Surveillance

Audio/Video surveillance is virtually undetectable without the services of professional surveillance countermeasures.

The primary purpose of audio surveillance is to surreptitiously listen to conversations that you have in person, on the phone, or even in public locations. Audio surveillance devices can be microscopic in size.

They can be dropped in pockets, sewn into the lining of your clothing, hidden inside any number of everyday objects in your home or office, or placed just about anywhere. It’s only with professional tools that audio surveillance can be detected.

If you notice any of the signs of surveillance, it’s important that you seek the help of professionals as soon as possible. You never know when your actions, words, or behavior will be used against you, due to surveillance techniques like the ones mentioned above.

All the Private Investigators he trained must be able to meet the standard of the test to capture the critical evidence using the equipment/devices even target is just next to them. Not only they are able to capture the critical evidence but also to ensure that the photos and videos are clear and sharp for admission in court.

You are advised to call a few Private Investigatigation agencies to gauge their expertise and experiences before engaging their services.

If you’re looking for an experienced PI to help solve your case or if you need some advice on an ongoing case, you may contact Asia Top Investigation at or WhatsApp us at +65 8820 0007.

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