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The Process of a Matrimonial Investigation: What to Expect?

Meta: You are planning to hire a matrimonial investigation service and wonder what a common process is and what results to expect. Check it out here!

The Process of a Matrimonial Investigation: What to Expect?

A matrimonial relationship is built on trust and transparency.

Nonetheless, trust your gut when you feel your wife or husband behave strangely, and hire a matrimonial investigation service to find the truth!

Then, what is the process of a matrimonial investigation?

Types of matrimonial investigations

You might either hire a private investigator to check on pre-matrimonial or post-matrimonial issues.

  • Pre-matrimonial investigation:

It refers to a background check on both parties to the marriage. This service will help you reveal more about the person you are going to marry and share your life with!

  • Post-matrimonial investigation: You might feel that your marriage is not going well and want to gather proof of marital disputes, cheating spouses, romance scams, etc.

Pre-matrimonial investigation process

How a private investigator conducts a premarital investigation depends on the needs of specific customers. However, it usually includes the following important aspects:

  1. Basic identification via ID card or driver’s license

  2. Personality and lifestyle verification by getting an insight into the bride's or groom’s friend circle and social circle

  3. Employment/business information, e.g., job title, nature of business, and earnings out of it

  4. Physical and psychological health against serious illness, alcoholic or drug abuse, psychological disorder, tantrums, anger, misbehavior, etc.

  5. Past and current relationships to find out the real reason for divorce and unearth any affairs.

  6. Family background to understand the family culture or members’ relationships, which can make or break your marriage

  7. The social and financial status of the family ensures your in-laws have a good reputation in the vicinity.

  8. Criminal records by checking through the neighborhood and various official records.

Post-matrimonial investigation process

It was sad that Singapore had witnessed an increase in marriages and divorces, of which there were around 7,890 marital dissolutions in 2021 and may increase more now.

Sometimes, you need to hire a private investigator to address your concerns after marriage, such as suspicions of infidelity, hidden assets, or child custody and support.

A common process of post-marriage investigation includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Get-to-know step: To begin with, private investigators usually schedule a conversation with you to get to know you and your marriage situation. They will also ask for your suspicions and any evidence you have uncovered so far.

  2. Background check: This tactic is used to check if your wife or husband has a past history of infidelity or any other suspicious activities.

  3. Surveillance: Private investigators use different surveillance techniques to follow and observe the investigation subject. For example, if you suspect your spouse is cheating on you, you can ask the investigators to follow up and check with whom he or she meets up.

  4. Online Investigations and computer forensics: In the current digital age, many people are involved in online infidelity. Thus, private investigators examine digital evidence, such as social media interactions, emails, and text messages.

In conclusion

Professional private investigators at Asia Top Investigators provide both pre-matrimonial and post-matrimonial investigations. Have a chat with us and create a detailed plan to find the truth!


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