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Top 2 Private Investigators In Singapore (2022)

Many of us often believe that private investigators are usually required for criminal cases. Nonetheless, these investigation agencies can be used for several other personal and business-related problems. Such services can largely help to uncover the essential information that can help in better decision-making.

Whether you are planning to start a new business or partnering up with another player in the market, you will require a background check of various parties. Private investigators can assist in this regard by providing all relevant information. Besides this, you may also utilize their services for any personal matters, e.g. if you want to confirm if your spouse is cheating on you, they can help as well.

In Singapore, while involving an investigation agency, you may need to look for their reputation. Besides, their registration with relevant authorities such as the Singapore Police Force will also be needed. Considering all the factors, our team has compiled a list of the 2 best private investigators in Singapore (2022) for your review!

Asia Top Investigation (ATI) is a prominent private investigation firm that’s been featured on numerous news channels and publications like NBC, FOX, CBS, The Strait Times, and The Times — which says a lot about the quality of its services.

Right off the bat, we’re quite impressed with how large its investigation team is. Asia Top Investigation employs more than 60 certified private investigators, so expect that there will be no shortage of detectives who can accept your case.

Some of the cases handled by its private investigators include commercial investigation, general surveillance, matrimonial investigation, digital forensics, and anti-spy smartphone detection, among others.

Asia Top Investigation’s private investigators are trained in gathering important information through any means possible, including technology. It equips its team with the latest evidence-gathering equipment to make sure that no information will pass them by.

When it comes to costs, Asia Top Investigation knows that private investigation services aren’t cheap, but its tailor-made approaches can reduce the total cost of the investigation without sacrificing its quality.

Asia Top Investigation LLP is a top-rated, full-service Private Investigation Agency based in Singapore that has built an excellent reputation on trust, quality, and experience.

Vincent Tan, the founder of Asia Top Investigation, is a certified International Private Investigator by the Council of International Investigators in 2011. In May 2012, he was recognized as Asia’s Leading Investigator by the American Biographical Institute.

This award acknowledges Vincent Tan’s professional experience with complicated Matrimonial Investigation. He has resolved thousands of cases throughout his 25-year.

He has also worked with prominent private investigators who have worked in Hong Kong’s first Federal Bureau of Investigation office as well as Singapore’s Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau.

The other partner of Asia Top Investigation, Steven Tan, has trained over 60 private investigators both locally and internationally. He has built a good network of International private investigators.

Singapore Best Private Investigators is a community where you can find the best Singapore private investigators. You can find much useful information before you hire a private investigator in Singapore such as: In Singapore before you engage a Private Investigator (PI), make sure that they hold a valid Private Investigation Agency License with the Singapore Police Force (PLRD). All Private Investigation Agencies will have to produce a valid license number, most commonly found on their website. If you do not see it, you may check with the Agency for their license number.

If you're looking for an experienced PI to help solve your case or if you need some advice on an ongoing case, you may contact Asia Top Investigation at or 📱 +65 8820 0007

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