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What You Need to Know About Infidelity Investigations

Learn how an infidelity investigation works, when you might need one, and what it can help with uncertainty in your stressful and confusing situation.

What You Need to Know About Infidelity Investigations

Doubts and uncertainties about a partner's fidelity can create tension and mistrust, turning your life into an emotional roller coaster. It's a difficult situation where answers seem elusive and the path forward unclear.

An infidelity investigation might be a choice you've considered but perhaps not fully understood. This article will help you learn how it works and what you can expect from it.

The Importance of Infidelity Investigations

Providing Clarity and Removing Doubt

Suspicions of infidelity can create a cloud of doubt, fostering mistrust and anxiety in a relationship. An investigation seeks to dispel these doubts by replacing uncertainty with facts. Whether the outcome confirms your suspicions or proves them unfounded, you're left with clear evidence that can guide your next steps.

Preventing False Accusations

Accusing a partner of infidelity without concrete evidence can lead to tension, conflict, and potential harm to the relationship, especially if the accusations turn out to be false. An infidelity investigation prevents this scenario by ensuring that any accusation made is backed by facts.

Providing Evidence in Cases of Divorce

Evidence of infidelity can influence divorce proceedings, especially when it comes to matters like alimony or asset division. A professional infidelity investigation can provide court-admissible evidence, strengthening your position should you decide to pursue a divorce.

When to Consider an Infidelity Investigation

The decision to initiate an infidelity investigation is deeply personal and often emotionally charged. It typically comes into play when trust in a relationship is being questioned due to certain behaviors or situations.

Here are some common signs that might trigger the consideration for such an investigation:

Unexplained absences: Your partner is often away without a clear reason or explanation. They may be unreachable during these times.

Change in behavior: Your partner suddenly changes their routine, habits, or personal appearance, and the change doesn't have a clear explanation.

Increased secrecy: You notice an increase in private phone calls, secretive texts, or a sudden need for privacy, especially around digital devices.

Less intimacy: There's a significant decrease in physical intimacy or emotional closeness without any apparent reason.

Defensiveness: Your partner becomes overly defensive when questioned about their activities or whereabouts.

If these or other signs are causing concern, it might be time to consider an infidelity investigation. However, it's important to remember that these signs are not necessarily proof of an affair – they might just be indicators that something in the relationship may need attention.

What Does an Infidelity Investigation Entail?

The Initial Meeting

The infidelity investigation process begins with an initial meeting between the client and the private investigator.

This meeting serves as a confidential platform for you, the client, to discuss your concerns, expectations, and any relevant information that might aid in the investigation. During this meeting, the private investigator will ask questions to understand the situation better.

Conducting the Investigation

Once the initial meeting concludes and an investigation plan is in place, the private investigator gets to work. The primary tool in an infidelity investigation is surveillance. The PI might follow your partner, document their activities, and note who they meet and interact with.

Presenting the Investigation Report

After the investigation, the private investigator will compile a report detailing their findings. This report includes facts, observations, and any evidence collected during the investigation, such as photographs, video footage, or digital records.


Going through a relationship where trust has been questioned is never easy. But remember, you're not alone and there are professionals you can turn to for help. While not an easy step, infidelity investigations can be a powerful tool in reclaiming your peace of mind.

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