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What You Need To Know About Singapore Private Investigators

In Singapore, before you engage a Private Investigator (PI), make sure that they hold a valid Private Investigation Agency License with the Singapore Police Force (PLRD). All Private Investigation Agencies will have to produce a valid license number, most commonly found on their website. If you do not see it, you may check with the Agency for their license number.

We have zoomed into the 2 best Private Investigators in Singapore who specialized in Matrimonial Cases and are well-trained in Surveillance skills. They are using the latest technology to gather evidence that can be used in court. Be it you are looking for someone who can conduct a background check or commercial-related investigation, we would like to share the 2 best private investigation agencies in Singapore.


The cost of hiring a PI Agency in Singapore can range anywhere from $100 to $200 per hour. General surveillance starts from $600 onwards. Before you engage a private investigator spend some time reading through their website and accessing them by giving them a call. If possible, arrange a meeting with them personally in their office. These articles highlight the difference in PI Agencies and explain the pricing difference.

3 Most Important Things to take note of if you suspect your partner is having an affair

3 Most Important Things to take note of if you suspect your partner is having an affair

1. Stay Calm - Do not question your partner but instead, observe your partner's movement. For example what time he leaves and returns home?

If you are still uncertain you might want to seek help from a professional Private Investigator.

2. Confidentiality - Ensure that the PI you are working with has the agreement in writing so that all your details are strictly confidential.

3) Cost-Effectiveness - Although cost is important, most importantly make sure that your private investigator is experienced and trained to use the latest evidence-gathering equipment to handle your case.

How To Hire A Private Investigator

How To Hire A Private Investigator

Hire the best private investigator in Singapore to help you to gather evidence legally so that you can make critical decisions in your life. Be it for commercial or personal matters, Asia Top Investigation has you covered. Asia Top Investigation can provide clients with a target background by conducting Background surveillance on the target. Whatever the problem and uncertainty about your target, be it suspected adultery or possible cheating cases you can hire a professional to clear your doubts. At Asia Top Investigation, our case manager will analyze your case and provide you with options and costs. They will discuss with you the most cost-effective method to conduct your investigation.

Singapore Best Private Investigator

If you're looking for an experienced PI to help solve your case or if you need some advice on an ongoing case, you may contact Asia Top Investigation at or 📱 +65 8820 0007

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